Your health is your true wealth. There has never been a time where that statement has been more appropriate. Given the recent events in the world, it has become obvious just how important our health is and how it affects our quality of life. It may be a shift away from our sometimes materialistic mindset regarding what exactly wealth is, but I think it’s fair to say that a sound mind and body are invaluable.

There has also never been a time where we as a society have been more distracted. Even though there are still 24 hours in a day, it seems as though our constantly-connected culture has us feeling as though there isn’t enough time for things that are important. While the rate of disease related to insufficient physical activity continues to climb, we have never been more easily influenced to stay glued to the laptop, scroll through social media, or binge on the next best Netflix series and frankly, it’s killing us. Physical inactivity is now the fourth leading risk factor for mortality and it may also play a role in the sky-rocketing mental health crisis.

As physical therapists, it is our job to help people move well and encourage them to move often. Apart from a lack of motivation and priority, we know one of the biggest barriers to exercise is pain. Unfortunately, we also know pain can lead to a sedentary lifestyle which then leads to chronic illness and more pain … the cycle continues. What if we could break the cycle before it even begins?

it is a well-known fact that an annual wellness visit with a physician and check up with a dentist every six months goes a long way toward preventing health issues that could hinder a quality life. But what about a yearly check-in with a physical therapist? Could a visit with an “expert of movement” help you gain an understanding of your movement quality and increase your quality of life? What if there was a reliable method to assess movement and predict your risk for injury much the same way bloodwork can identify those at risk for a heart attack or stroke? What if we could actually detect injuries before they happened? Even more, what if a physical therapist could write a prescription to treat movement dysfunction just as a physician may prescribe medication to control high blood pressure? Finally, for those who are intimidated or don’t know where to start, what if we could show you how to safely and confidently begin exercising? Great news! That’s just what Advance Rehabilitation does.

Introducing Advance Rehabilitation’s Get Glynn Fit program. It is designed to help those individuals who are committed to improving themselves through exercise, but either have pain that is limiting them or just aren’t sure where to start. Our five week Get Glynn Fit program allows you to receive an evaluation from a physical therapist to assess your functional ability and determine goals for strength, mobility, and endurance along with a plan to treat pain and balance deficits along the way. A therapist will walk with you and help you develop the commitment and confidence to continue independently either at home or at the gym at the conclusion of the program. We have come to realize the lack of viable resources for individuals who want to make better choices regarding healthy habits such as exercise. Our intention is to serve the community in this manner and offer our expertise to those willing to receive it.

There is never a bad time for a good decision. Let us help you change your life. Remember, your health is your true wealth. Make a wise investment and take the first steps towards a better version of yourself with Advance Rehabilitation.

Advance Rehabilitation operates two

locations in Glynn County:

212 Retreat Village

Saint Simons Island, GA 31522


4204 Coral Park Drive

Brunswick, GA 31520


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— David Richardson, PT, DPT, OCS

clinic director, Advance Rehabilitation St. Simons Island and Brunswick