It had been several years since I dropped in on the luxurious senior living and memory care center on Frederica Road. Now Vitality Living Frederica, the architectural showpiece has seen extensive renovations and reconfigurations, all of which allow Vitality to better serve the needs of the community.

Stepping inside, Sales Director Charlotte Graham breezes through the lobby. Along the way, she greets a number of residents with a smile, recalling each by name.

There’s no shiny, squeaky vinyl or harsh florescent lighting in sight. Instead, the cozy spaces are ideal for ease and comfort. From the entryway, Graham weaves through a brightly-appointed sitting room, where plush furnishings invite residents to enjoy conversation and entertainment.

The community frequently hosts local favorites like Michael Hulett, Annie Aikens, Tim Aikens, Jerry Gowen, and Owen Plant.

“They fill the atrium with live music at least three times weekly,” Graham says.

But that’s not the only excitement that happens each week. Residents are presented with a calendar, offering an average of seven activities available to residents each and every day.

The options are diverse and include invigorating yoga classes, card games, pool tournaments, men’s poker nights, flower arranging workshops, and more. There are also regular Vitality Talks on a variety of subjects.

“Engagement Director Melinda Fleeman excels when it comes to fun and creative activities,” Graham says.

“Each week the residents are presented a calendar packed with activities and outings. We have transportation … just last week alone the choices included a fishing outing, a trip to Jekyll, and a spa day.”

Come mid-July, Vitality Living Frederica plans to share its new look with the broader Isles community. Graham says they’re planning a grand re-opening event to showcase the newly reconfigured assisted living suites — one bedroom and even two bedrooms.

The changes prove that Vitality responded, says Executive Director Elaine Tello.

“This is going to allow us to welcome more couples or folks just looking for a larger styled suite. Similar upgrades and improvements are also planned for the second floor of assisted living,” Tello says.

Their memory care center, known as The Oaks, will also have its activity area enlarged. And the indoor-outdoor experience will be enhanced by the addition of a screened porch.

But those are not the only new elements shaping up at Vitality. Tello, herself, is also a relative newcomer, taking the helm as Executive Director in September. Another recent addition is new Executive Chef Johnathan Eaddy. Both, Graham notes, have an extensive culinary background and each having graduated from the highly-acclaimed culinary university, Johnson & Wales.

Their backgrounds have allowed Tello and Eaddy to lay the foundation for a revitalized nutritional program which caters to any restrictions of residents, such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diets. Menus are also carefully curated to include the freshest ingredients served up in a stunning presentation.

Eaddy regularly invites input on menu selections, even integrating favorite family recipes to the mix.

“The plates are so beautiful. Johnathan does such a superb job,” Graham says. “And it’s always creative.”

While the food is certainly flavorful, nutrition is a cornerstone. Tello says this is a primary component of wellness and helps residents be their best selves.

They’re able to select their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners from a broad range of delectable dishes always highlighted by a Chef’s Special.

“The meals are very important parts of the residents’ day. We focus on well-balanced diets and nutrition, which is key to overall health,” Tello says.

But it also goes beyond the food itself. Graham notes that restaurant-style dining experience allows residents to come together to nurture their mind, bodies, and spirits.

“It’s obvious from the chatter and laughter that the fellowship they enjoy at meals is not just enriching, but satisfying,” Graham says.

From the upscale dining experience to the diverse calendar of activities and the luxurious redesigned suites, Vitality Living Frederica offers all of the elements needed to live life to its fullest.

“We have so many events and activities. We encourage them to get involved with these groups because they all help keep them vibrant,” Graham says with a smile.