Summer in the Golden Isles often can bring a few brutally hot months, making residents crave a dip in the pool.

A lot of work goes into keeping a pool in good shape over the summer, but regular upkeep will ensure that pool water remains blue, clean, and ready for a swim all day and night.

Marcus Kuja, owner of ASP Pools in Glynn County, offers up a few tips to keep pools looking good this summer.

1. Keep the filter in good shape.

Kuja recommends regularly checking on and cleaning out the pool’s filter. “You want to make sure that your filtration is in good condition,” he says.

It's recommended to clean out the filter at least once a week. Setting a filter on a timer and allowing it to run for at least six hours a day can also prevent overuse that could potentially lead to a filter’s mechanics cracking.

2. Make sure the chemical levels are consistent.

Proper chemical levels will keep the pool water looking good and prevent bacteria build up. Testing kits can be purchased at one of the area’s many pool stores, and waters should be tested about once a week. When chemicals are balanced, the water will be clear, won’t have a scent, and little residue will be left on the skin.

3. Vacuum the pool often.

Vacuuming removes dirt and debris clinging to the bottom or sides of the pool. “You definitely need to be vacuuming it on a regular basis,” Kuja says. Otherwise, he says, stains can form on the bottom of the pool. It’s also recommended to brush the pool’s interior before vacuuming, to make sure all dirt is removed.

4. Check for leaks.

Leaks in the equipment can lead to long-term issues that could have easily been prevented. “If you have leaks with your equipment, of course you’re going to lose water and cause motors to fail permanently,” Kuja says. “It’s best to have everything not leaking water and running properly.”

5. Have a pool maintenance team take care of your pool.

This service removes the stress of keeping the pool in shape and ensures that experts will be checking on the pool regularly. “It’s carefree,” Kuja says. “They don’t have to worry about it, and then you have someone maintaining the pools on a regular basis.”

ASP Pools — which offers swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool replacement, and renovation work — also sends emailed reports after each service, so customers know what work was done. “We let you know what they did to service the pools,” Kuja says. “We tell you what chemicals that we added … and we send a picture of the pool.”