Fall and football go hand-in-hand like biscuits and gravy. Diehard fans will arrange weekend plans around game time, as many University of Georgia alumni in the Golden Isles pack up their cars and head up I-16 to watch the pigskin throwdown on the native turf in Athens.

Flags, decals, bumper stickers, and maybe a cooler strapped to the roof are just a few ways Dawg fans recognize each other on the road. And once you arrive in Athens, the town rolls out the red, black, and white in every storefront, restaurant, and business.

Most fans dress up for the games, and plenty of boutiques in Athens offer preppy red, white, and black ensembles, such as Entourage Clothing and Gifts, Red Dress Boutique, and Cheeky Peach.

The biggest sport outside of Sanford Stadium is the mad dash to the perfect tailgating spot. The University of Georgia limits the number of hours for tailgating near the stadium, so fans will want to grab a spot the moment parking lots open and be ready to stay until kickoff to enjoy the pre-rituals properly.

For those ready to be loud and proud, the Dawg Walk is the perfect pep rally. About two hours before kickoff, fans gather in the Tate Center parking lot as the UGA Redcoat Marching Band lines the pathway where football players enter the stadium.

And if you don’t have a ticket to watch the action between the hedges, never fear. Plenty of restaurants and bars, such as Magnolias, stream the game so you can enjoy the festive environment outside of the stadium.

Beyond Game Day, Athens offers plenty of entertainment and fun for the family, too. The Classic Center, which offers parking on game day, also hosts concerts, performances, and special events throughout the year. The rebuilt Georgia Theater, another Athens event venue, offers tailgating on the rooftop during home games in addition to a full schedule of concerts throughout the fall.