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Cumberland Days Gone By

The soft, salty wind blows across the shoreline’s huge ivory dunes, moving through the remnants of former cotton plantations, mansions from… Read more

Ancient Stones and Living Stones

A group of 44 pilgrims  — many from Christ Church Frederica, St. Simons Presbyterian Church, and Temple Beth Tefilloh — journeyed to the Ho… Read more


We have several ways for you to enjoy summer right here in the Golden Isles. Movies, museums, and music festivals promise to keep you enter… Read more

Coastal Queue

Puttin' On The Ritz

Golden Isles Arts and Humanities has a full lineup of camps for ages 6 to 18 at the Historic Ritz Theatre this summer. With camps in both t… Read more

Georgia Backroad

Browned grass of ditch happy in the sun’s Read more

The Big Photo Show Returns

The Coastal Photographers Guild is celebrating its 12th Anniversary of the Big Photo Show. The largest photography exhibit in the region in… Read more


Lively Oceanfront Setting Creates 'Jekyll State of Mind'

Where can you find loads of fun and live entertainment with an eclectic blend of Baja Mexican cuisine and Coastal Georgia favorites? Tortug… Read more

Grandma's House

My favorite houses in the Golden Isles are those that were built by people when the land was primitive and untamed. On Jekyll Island, there… Read more

Tie Dyed Sunset

It was the decade of patchwork denim, peasant shirts, and shoulder-length hair. The black and white photos embody the spirit of the time — … Read more

Plagued by Dry Eye?

When the topic of vision problems comes up in a conversation, chances are people will talk about the gritty and uncomfortable condition kno… Read more