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Star Light Star Bright

Teresa Jones has always been drawn to creating, so naturally, the arts have held a particular interest for her. But when she received her f… Read more


Salt Love

The bright and airy atmosphere inside ­Salacia Salts was a welcome reprieve from  Read more



J.K. Rowling penned many memorable lines throughout her Harry Potter series. One of the most profound was offered by Hogwarts’ headmaster A… Read more

Coastal Queue


Dish stews up a bit of controversy, with side of fun

Not many cities can claim a native dish that houses as much controversy as it does acclaim — but that’s precisely what Brunswick stew bring… Read more


All That Jazz

For a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the Roaring ‘20s, supporters of the Coastal Symphony of Georgia will channel their inner J… Read more


Just the Facts: New Year's Resolutions

“New year, new me,” we exclaim at the beginning of each new year, swearing that we are going to stick to the resolutions we set for ourselv… Read more



Paths that intertwine

About a year before I met John Tinker, the man I call “Tink” and who I married eight years ago, I was at dinner with a longtime buddy. Read more


Chess: an ancient art of quieting the mind

Volume upon volume has been written on chess. But now, in its 20th century since the game emerged in India around 600 A.D., there is still … Read more


Resting in Faith

A good night's sleep is critical to every aspect of one's being. But for so many, bedtime is the point of the day where the proverbial demo… Read more


Paying for long term nursing home care

As we age, we begin to wonder about paying for our long-term care. Long-term care needs vary from home-based services to assisted living fa… Read more