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The Art of Ashantilly

Referred to as “The Old Tabby,” the historic educational and cultural center Ashantilly was built just outside of Darien by Georgia planter… Read more


Drawing the Next Generation

Comic book creation requires a host of skills beyond simply the ability to draw.  Read more


Victory Board: Planning an Unforgettable Party

If anyone knows how to throw a party that gets everyone talking, it’s the ladies of the American Cancer Society Victory Board. Read more

Coastal Queue


Golfer's Paradise

The Golden Isles is golfer’s paradise. Across the county, miles and miles of lush green courses dot the landscape.  Read more


5 Things to Know for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

A simple screening can make a significant difference in a man’s fight against prostate cancer. Throughout September, Prostate Cancer Awaren… Read more


The Boss: King of the Art of Reinvention

Born again, the mantra of America. A rebirth every minute for somebody, a company, a new name, a new game. Something dies, something new is… Read more



Discover Owls

There are no such things as ghosts, I told myself as I walked down the dirt road. It was 4:30 a.m. The night before, we had been telling re… Read more


Customization Key When Designing a Kitchen

Marie Stubbs stood in the model kitchen at Decorum Cabinetry and Flooring. She ran her hand along the shiny granite countertop, noting the … Read more


Just the Facts: Musicals

Music and theatre have made a major impact on today’s culture. With the elaborate costumes, catchy tunes, and incredible talent that goes i… Read more


New Market President Helps Guide Local Bank

PrimeSouth Bank announces Mary H. Jenrette as the Glynn County Market President. Jenrette is a seasoned executive with thirty years of expe… Read more